“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

- Arthur C. Clark

Cutting-edge technology is a word that even children are familiar with these days. The new era of communication and technology has turned the world into a global village where boundaries and limitations of time and space is seen disappearing. Information is a gift made available to everyone; wherever they maybe, from the comfort of their own space. Tap a few buttons and voila! the world is at your feet.  The industry realizes this importance and it sees many players striving to out-do each other in terms of what they can offer clients.
At Sankya we are not about trying to win the rat race. We are all about trying to understand our clients completely and we strive to provide software solutions to make work easy and to help elevate not just the profit margin of an organization, but to bring in an overall improvement in efficiency, job quality, services and to make a company run efficiently. Our team of experts works together at ensuring that the products on offer are exactly what your company needs. We customize our solutions in order to fit in with our client’s requirements seamlessly.

We have always asked ourselves the question ‘What makes us different?’ The answer would be our passion for the work we do. Look around at most companies offering software solutions. They find a forte and stick with providing solutions in that scope. But at Sankya, we have always worked at excelling in all areas of expertise. We have a whole array of solutions ranging from web-based solutions to office automation systems and e-commerce. But do we stop there? No we have ventured out bravely into Embedded software and Aerospace engineering and much more. Limited service just isn’t a theory we believe in. Being in the crux of all the pioneering technology, finding solutions for it and excelling at what we do is what we inculcate in each and every one of our employees. So when you are looking for solutions with us you can be rest assured of finding not just solutions of superior quality, but also those that will carry your company into the next wave of technology. And all this with a promise of the best of service and customer care. Does it end here? No, we are also made for your pockets! In short we are ‘Solutions that make sense’. We are what you need.