The industry of Aerospace is a vast and upcoming sector. Aerospace consists of the atmosphere of Earth and its surroundings. The term is used to refer to the industry that conducts the researches, designs the equipment and other technologies, manufactures these designs, operates and hand holds the functionality and manages the vehicles that move through air and space. Aerospace is a very complex and diverse field, with an array of industrial, commercial and military applications.
All countries spend a vast sum of money into the industry. With the new era, where technology is all about making the world a global village, the industry gains a pivotal spot of importance and hierarchy. The industry has the support of public and private industries and its functions are seen pervading into all aspects of life; communication, entertainment, data and information access and exchange, in medicine and much more. Government manages space programs and alongside private sectors also contributes by producing spaceships, satellites and aircrafts.

Aerospace manufacturing is a very high technology industry that makes guided missiles, aircrafts, aircraft engines, space vehicles, propulsion units and associated parts. Aerospace engineering deals with aspects of production of tools, equipment and technology needed by this industry. The need for software and solutions for the functioning of such industries become a necessity. Sankya steps in to provide the industry with solutions that may be needed for such work. The Star Based Precision Aviation Software, The Star Sensor Simulation System Software, The Unified Satellite Testing Software, The Data Acquisition and Analysis System for Spacecraft Propellant Loading Software, The Doppler Weather Radar Image Processing etc are such solutions offered by Sankya that help in this sector of the industry.

Sankya ensures that all needs of a company in this sector in terms of solutions are met with. The advantages are many and each strives to push the company into a new sphere of growth.


  1. Saves man power as the software is much faster and more efficient.
  2. Brings in quality work with no errors and delays.
  3. Reduces the need to exhaust man power on the job.
  4. Reduces the need to spend finances on a large employee system as the software carries out most of the jobs needed to be executed.
  5. Is cost-effective, user friendly and easy to manage and maintain.

Sankya employees a very specialized team in order to come up with solutions that are unmatched. Each of the solution is also backed up with quality customer care that boasts of being able to deliver exactly what a company requires. Be assured of high-quality, well functioning solutions that will increase the efficiency and profit margins of your company effortlessly.