Civil Engineering & Construction

Civil Engineering and Construction industry relies a lot on Sankya’s solution for its functioning. With Civil engineering gaining such prominence in all aspects of building and industry besides finding its forte in military applications and constructions, the importance for quality solution becomes needed. Buildings are the fundamental to any growing economy. Civil engineering comes into the crux of it all and oversees constructions of roads, buildings, canals, dams and bridges.


Sankya’s Project Planning, Execution and Material Management Solution offers an answer to all these aspects. It is a text based database application that is completely functional and has no loopholes. The software functions in a methodical and logical way;

    1. The solution identifies the need for a well structured and functional task force team, e.g. a management team, to execute the project. It ensures that all the centers and offices that need to be involved in the team is well represented and sufficient in presence. This ensures efficient and reliable functioning of the project.
    2. Project schedules will then be decided and submitted to the owner or share holders of the company for approval and review.
    3. Project Engineering and Administration will then be defined for the project and an overall schedule, cost, time etc are decided upon.
    4. Planning & Schedule engineers are determined and assigned for the project to be then carried out into the initial stage. Payments, invoices, data etc are carefully tabulated and kept track of. Timely reports are generated and recorded.


Material management is also an important aspect the software looks into. Sankya’s software ensures that the following aspects are looked into,
- A list of the material bidders and equipment needed.
- Material specification and requirements.
- That all request for quotations are stated and recorded.
- That all the bid evaluations and the recommendations are stated.
-Purchase requirement and order forms are planned.

Besides the mentioned aspects, Sankya’s software also makes sure that the material storage, inventory control, material identification, material distribution and the handling of it is all decided and carefully planned.
Above and beyond these solutions, Sankya oversees all aspects required in Civil Engineering ensuring that all needs of this genre of engineering are met with. The advantages are many and each strives to push the company into a new sphere of growth.

    1. Saves man power as the software is much faster and more efficient.
    2. Brings in quality work with no errors and delays.
    3. Reduces the need to exhaust man power on the job.
    4. Reduces the need to spend finances on a large employee system as the software carries out most of the jobs needed to be executed.
    5. Is cost-effective, user friendly and easy to manage and maintain.


Sankya employees a very specialized team in order to come up with solutions that are unmatched. Each of the solution is also backed up with quality customer care that boasts of being able to deliver exactly what a company requires. Be assured of high-quality, well functioning solutions that will increase the efficiency and profit margins of your company effortlessly.