Asset Management System

Sankya’s Asset Management Software manages all the assets, conditions and work processes of an enterprise for improved planning and management. It is an office suit to manage the list of assets, contacts and schedules of medium-sized companies through VB and MS Access.

The asset management system becomes necessary in order to have a comprehensive view of all the assets of the company. The software keeps vital data in hand regarding the expansion, the worth and other important aspects of the company organized and structured and ready to be viewed at any given point of time.


It looks into the following aspects in its functioning

Oversees Asset Deployment, Monitoring, Calibration, Specifications, Costing and Tracking from a Single Point: The tracking and charting of the assets isn’t done on just a peripheral level. An in-depth analysis is carried out and all records of the assets and its costing and transfers are kept methodically.

Provides Enterprise Asset Management Solution for Long-term and Short-term Preparation, Precautionary, Reactive and Situation-based Maintenance, Agenda Supervision, Reserve Optimization and Key Functional Indicators: The software also looks into the aspects of asset management to meet short-term and long-term goals. Depending on the task at hand it prepares for hurdles, comes up with solutions to deal with them, maintains and upgrades the system as per requirements and optimizes the resources.

Strategizes Inventory to Ensure Maintenance Demands are Met with, Making the Correct Parts Accessible at the Right Location As Per Requirements: Maintenance of the assets is a very complex task. Sankya’s software ensures that all the demands of maintaining these assets are met with and all required parts are made available when needed. The software solution takes care of all these necessities without wasting or involving unnecessary human resources.

Supervises Vendor Contracts with Complete Support for Procurement, Lease, Hiring, Warranty, Charge and User-defined Contracts: All contracts with vendors and dealings made by companies can be managed by Sankya’s Asset Management System. Careful and systematic records are kept of the purchases, the leases, the hiring and rental, the rates, warranty etc involved in the terms of the deal. This helps lessen the man power and resources that would be otherwise utilized to handle all that is mentioned above.

Adapts to Evolving Business Requirements and Establishes Connect with Other Venture Systems through a Flexible Business Method Arrangement Platform and Service Oriented Structure: The software does not become redundant in changing times and keeps up to the evolving phases of the company’s businesses and requirements. It keeps in touch with the latest ventures and by executing an architecture of functioning that is both flexible and on par with the latest trends of businesses it becomes an invaluable asset to the company.

Through these executions and functions, Sankya ensures that the enterprise’s assets are well protected, maintained and managed in order to get maximum success ratio out of it.