File Map Utility

With companies these days having multiple departments, different sub sectors for a function handling, large number of employees; the need for integrated communication is higher and more complex than before. A system is required to map, transform and transfer data of large volume between the entire different database in text files and more. The usual mainframe system has to be fixed up so that the data and information can be shared from it and also designed such that it creates a communication web. The software uses JAVA, ODBC, and JDBC etc.


Sankya’s innovative software makes this communication web possible in a simple and user-friendly way. The software looks into all the complexities of information sharing and ensures that no data is lost or inaccessible when the requirement arises. The File Map Utility looks into the following aspects:

Keeping Track of Information and Data: The exhaustive amount of data and information recorded by a company is carefully studied and filed in the main frame. This mainframe is made accessible to all the sub division with records of the transfers carefully noted.

Noticing Project Tracks: All the projects and sub tasks are carefully tracked by all those involved through the information exchange and sharing that happens. This helps everyone be on board and be on par as far as the progress of the task is concerned.

Keeping Track of Knowledge Base: All organizations when sharing information may add notes and links. Collectively these snippets of add-on data are called knowledge base. The software solution keeps track of these aspects and ensures that the consolidated data is transformed and transmitted.

Data Transformation and Mediation Between the Source and Destination: The software identifies the data source and the destination areas for the transfer. The format, compatibility etc are looked into and records of the entire process are carefully mapped. All the forks of communication are kept cautiously charted by the software.

Consolidating Multiple Databases into a Single One and Pinpointing Unnecessary Columns of Information for Consolidation or Elimination: The various databases including the mainframe database is identified by this superior software. All the redundant details and structures are identified and processed for elimination making the whole flow and mapping of information much simpler, more efficient and well functioning.

Eliminates Loss of Information or Mismanagement of Data: Security risks of the data viewed by unauthorized people or data being misused or lost in the whole forked network are completely eliminated as the software keeps a track and chart of all the information exchange and other information. This ensures that the sharing is managed professionally and all details and ledgers of all transfer can be viewed at any point of time.

Sankya’s software helps a company in many ways. It ensures that communication does not become a bothersome or complicated task and that all information can be shared, viewed, exchanged and worked upon at the touch of a few buttons.