Order Management

An Order Management Software Solution helps to maintain and manage the order entry and processing of a company. Sankya’s JAVA-based ERP package designed on IBM's San Francisco software platform carries out this work faultlessly.
The orders received by a company for products or services need to be carefully tabulated and managed. The offer and pricing done through a variety of medium such as catalogues, broadcast network advertisements, websites etc need to be looked into and upgraded as needed. The software therefore is not just about tracking an order form, but also about all the various tasks associated with the orders and purchases of a company. Sankya’s solution looks into these mentioned aspects when it comes to Order Management.


Product Information: The product information is carefully structured and maintained. The description of the product, the various attributes of it and the locations of the products and also the quantities it can be found in are all documented and upgraded as and when needed.

Inventory Availability and Sourcing: The availability of the products is looked into for procurement and re-stock. Once the locations are identified and prices determined, the sourcing for these products are also carried out by the software.

Identifying Vendors, Procuring and Receiving: The sources or the vendors are identified and the products are purchased from them. The software also keeps tabs on when the products are received and are in-stock with the company again.

Marketing: The software also isolates and identifies the areas of marketing and the collaterals needed depending on the requirements and size of the organization. Catalogs, promotions, pricings; all the important corner-stones of marketing are looked into.

Customers and Prospects: The orders of a company also include the customers and prospects. Records in these areas are carefully charted to be viewed and studied when needed.

Order Entry and Customer Service: All entries of orders, the follow ups, the identification of the products etc are carried out by the software. But besides this it also looks into aspects of ensuring that the product allocation as per customer requirement is carried out. To add on, the solution also looks into aspects of returns and refunds making sure that a whole package care in terms of order is maintained vigilantly.

Financial Processing: The processing of the orders, whether done by credit cards or invoices, the billing , the payment transferred to the accounts division etc are also aspects Sankya’s solution looks into.

Order Processing: Order process is a vital task that needs careful scrutiny and maintenance. The software selects the required products for the order, prints out the order requirement form, chooses the products and places the order, handles issues of delivery needs, dates, shipping and more. The addresses, the delivery time, the payment etc can be processed through this software. 

Data Analysis and Reporting: The data analysis and reporting of it to the required departments are also carried out by Sankya’s software. This ensures a smooth functioning and no unnecessary disturbances in the work flow.
With this unparallel solution; one can be assured of a smooth running order format for one’s company ensuring maximum success rate for the enterprise.