Teleconferencing Application

With live multimedia gaining importance and popularity in the world of business, teleconferencing has gained a momentum in recent times like never before. This application is an aggregation of different conferencing which includes audio, video and data sharing amongst multiple participants in a live, real-time session. Information has been made available at fingertips with the punch of a few keys in the last few decades. Similarly communication, information distribution etc too has attained a need to be shared and passed on in real time, thereby avoiding squandering time, traveling cost, and increasing worker availability and minimizing security risks.


Sankya provides the best of this live and real-time application ensuring that aspects of communication lag, delay, jitter, packet loss etc are minimized in order to provide companies with high quality applications that can ensure a smooth functioning. Sankya’s Teleconferencing Application looks into the following aspects.


Budget: This real-time, live application reduces travel cost and other budget constraints that would be otherwise spent in getting the information across. Thus, finances can drastically improve with the use of this application.


Saves Time: Since the application is used in real-time, there is no delay in the passing of information as it is instant. This helps not just in information sharing, but also helps manage and save time of the people involved as it is taken care of with immediacy.


Increases Worker Availability: All needed information can be exchanged and discussed in real-time. This increases worker availability as the company need not dispatch employees to carry the information back and forth.


Overcomes Hassles of Geographical Distances: One of the prime functions of Sankya’s Teleconferencing Application is the ability for information exchange with multiple people, wherever they are located. For bigger companies, the difficulty in communicating with clients situated faraway is wiped off with this simple and easy to use application.


Increased efficiency: The efficiency of the functioning system of a company is also improved through this application. The immediacy of it saves time and manpower allowing it to be utilized in a more resourceful manner in other areas that may need attention.


Reduced Security Risk: The security risks of a company are also managed efficiently through this application. Since information exchange happens in real-time, the chances of breaches and leaks are completely done-away with.


Multimedia communication helps in dealing with the intricacies of any form of communication and also multitasks in a way where information can be shared with a large group of people; be it text, image, audio or more. With Sankya’s exceptional Teleconferencing application which is a JAVA applet based software, companies find it easy to deal with clients even if they are geographically widely distributed, to deal with multiple numbers of clients or in house personnel; and all this from the convenience of one’s own office. Besides information sharing, training, distance education etc are also conducted through teleconferencing. Do away with old-fashioned communication and step into the new era of live, real-time communication. Be assured of high quality application and professional service.