Software Development

Software development is basically the system of working to create or make a software from the established design of functioning. Three specific needs have been identified for the development of software; to meet the requirements of a client, to meet the requirements of some potential users, for personal use.


The term software development is used to refer to the functioning of a computer programming. It is the process of writing and managing the source code. It can also engage all the steps involved between the conception of the software and the final product. Therefore, when one says software development, it may include research, modification, new development reuse, re-engineering, maintenance etc. For larger software systems which are developed by a team of people a guiding software maybe developed to oversee all the stages of the software development.


The first phase in the software development stage includes may involve different departments, including Research engineering, marketing, general development and management.
There are many different approaches to software development. Some may take structured, engineering-based approach to developing business solutions. Others may take a more augmented approach where the software develops piece-by-piece. Most methodology follows the mentioned stages of software development:


  1. Market research
  2. Analyzing the problem
  3. Gathering needs for the proposed business solution
  4. Making a plan or design for the software solution
  5. Coding of the software
  6. Testing the software to identify errors
  7. Development of the software
  8. Maintenance and fixing bugs


All these stages together is referred to as the software development lifecycle. The time devoted to each may differ according to the complexity of the design. The attention needed to details of production also varies according to the same. Software development is a framework that is used to plan, formulate and control the methods of developing information structures.

Sankya oversees all aspects required in software development ensuring that all needs of this genre of engineering are met with. The advantages are many and each strives to push the company into a new sphere of growth.


  1. Saves man power as the software is much faster and more efficient than other software.
  2. Brings in quality work with no errors and delays.
  3. Reduces the need to exhaust man power on the job.
  4. Reduces the need to spend finances on a large employee system as the software carries out most of the jobs needed to be executed.
  5. Is cost-effective, user friendly and easy to manage and maintain.


Sankya employees a very specialized team in order to come up with solutions that are unmatched. Each of the solution is also backed up with quality customer care that boasts of being able to deliver exactly what you require to your company. Be assured of high-quality, well functioning solutions that will increase the efficiency and profit margins of your company effortlessly.