Software Maintenance

Software maintenance in software engineering is basically the modification of a software product after its delivery, to modify it and correct the errors and failures, in order to improve its performance or other features to be able to be functional in the new environment it is forced to function in. The following features are important in its adaptation into companies:



  1. The implementation processes needs to overlook software preparation and transition methods, starting from the conception and ideation to the actual maintenance plan, the readiness to handle all errors and problems that is isolated and identified during the development and follow-up on the actual product in order to handle the product and its configuration.
  2. The problem and change analysis process, which is carried out once the application, has become the functional system of the maintenance group. The programmer who is charge of the maintenance must analyze each of the requests and then confirm it, make sure of its validity and come up with a solution. After this is done all the authorizations need to be sanctioned for it.
  3. The modified process needs authorization and the work need to be confirmed.
  4. If in the modification, some migration needs to be done, then the transformation to the next stage needs to be planned and executed accordingly. The functionality of the process cannot change and maintenance team needs to be alerted about the task.
  5. Lastly, also occurrences of errors not foreseen need to be identified and prepared for.


There are a number of processes that need to be followed for such a system. Transition, service level agreements, modification request and error report help desk, modification request and acceptance and so on. Modification does not merely mean fixing errors and bugs but also boils down to actual software development to prevent errors. Some of the features that the software needs to identify are corrective maintenance, adaptive maintenance, perfective maintenance, preventive maintenance.
Sankya oversees all aspects required in software maintenance ensuring that all needs of this genre of engineering are met with. The advantages are many and each strives to push the company into a new sphere of growth.


  1. Saves man power as the software is much faster and more efficient than other solutions.
  2. Brings in quality work with no errors and delays.
  3. Reduces the need to exhaust man power on the job.
  4. Reduces the need to spend finances on a large employee system as the software carries out most of the jobs needed to be executed.
  5. Is cost-effective, user friendly and easy to manage and maintain.


Sankya employees a very specialized team in order to come up with solutions that are unmatched in terms of quality and service. Sankya also offers customer care of each of the solution. With us, one can be assured of being offered solutions that is required by your company. Be assured of high-quality, well functioning solutions that will increase the efficiency and profit margins of your company effortlessly.