Remote Customer Assistance Software

Customer care becomes one of the most crucial functions of a company. The days of providing people with just products and not the after care is no longer the functioning system. Every company strives to be a step ahead of its competitor's by providing customers with unparalleled customer service and follow-up care.


Sankya's unique Remote Customer Assistance Software helps companies be in constant touch with its clients through remote services. This is a web-based solution and it helps customers get assistance in handling technical glitches and other problems by being guided through it in real-time.


The software primarily functions where a program on a server is used to manage and control other computers at a distance. With the entry of the World Wide Web, the software has been used on the web platform to reach people all across, wherever their geographical location may be.


The advantages of Sankya's Remote Customer Software are many. Some of the aspects it takes care of are:

Immediate Problem Resolution: The software provides companies with the ability to take care of the clients' problems immediately. There is no time delay in understanding the problem as it is seen through information sharing and does not face the hassles of having to dispatch a service aid to take care of the problem. The quality of service, client satisfaction and the professional relationship all stand to benefit from this software solution.


No Geographic Constraint: The geographical location of the client proves to be no hurdle since the software is installed and customer care is provided from the comfort of one's own seat. This helps the company in being able to expand client base out of locations that weren't possible earlier.


Improves Time and Cost Efficiency: The software also helps in increasing time and cost efficiency by being a simple and one-time investment that takes care of multiple problems. Travel costs reduce, time that would normally be spent on traveling to the customer's location is avoided; and all this is done from the comfort of one's own working space.


Assures Customers of 'Anytime Anywhere Service': Besides being beneficial for a company's functioning, the software also looks into strengthening the relationship between the client and the company. The client's are re-assured of their problems being dealt with an immediacy that is otherwise not possible.


By looking into these aspects and providing companies with the Remote Customer Assistance Software, Sankya helps you stay one step ahead of everyone else. The simple, cost-efficient and easy to use software is a must have for companies in this new era of instant communication and service.