Distance Education Software

Distance Education is a phenomenon that is quickly gaining popularity in the world of today. Access in communication is becoming an aspect that is gaining more and more prominence these days in terms of ease and quality. Areas that were considered remote and cut-off have everything made available when it comes to information and news. The whole concept of a ‘Global Village’ is fast becoming a reality.


Sankya’s Distance Education Software is customized software that provides distance education services for remote and rural areas through digital broadcasting satellites and PCs.

It helps these otherwise considered inaccessible areas to break the mould of being isolated and be in touch with the rest of the world and move forward in terms of progress and growth. The strength of a nation depends very highly on the reach and spread of education. Sankya’s software solution ensures that this happens and that uniformity is achieved in terms of education and awareness.

The software is easy to use and completely cost effective. The advantages of it are:
Increases Student Enrollment by Expanding your Market Reach: The areas the software can be implemented has a much wider and less expensive reach when compared to typical institutes of education which may be impossible to set up in these isolated areas.

Improves Student Success Rate: By introducing off-line courses in a real-time environment without the pressures of time, compulsion of travel and an extremely competitive environment, ensures that the success rates of student enrollment and passing is higher than when compared to otherwise.

Can Communicate Live with VoIP Audio: Many people are under the miscomprehension that distance learning is only about receiving material of the subject chosen and conducting the rest of the work in a very isolated and uninspiring way. But on the contrary, with the perfection of remote access software solution, the classes are dynamic and very interesting. The software provides one with VoIP Audio that creates a live class environment with group discussion and one-on-one conversations with other students or professors.

Provision of Professional Learning Tools: Easy to use and comprehensible tools and content are made available to these remote areas.

Systematic Methods of Assignments and Updates: On-line message boards are set up to regularly update news and to assign work etc. Both teachers and students will have access to it, thus ensuring a steady communication is kept up through and through.

Ensuring Convenience and Ease of Studying: One of the biggest set-backs that prevent people from remote areas from studying is the inconvenience of traveling and the time required to journey up and down to educational centers. But with Sankya’s Distance Education Software, this problem is tackled with successfully. One can study from the convenience of one’s own house and at any time suitable. The whole course can be molded to suit individuals in terms of these requirements. This in turn increases student enrollment and success rates.

With all these aspects studied and expectations met with, Sankya’s Distance Education Software can help companies bring India into the Global front.