Every organization leans heavily on its pillars of intrinsic support; its partners. We at Sankya rely on our business associates and they play a vital role in our progress and growth. Our associates are:


Synergy Software Corporation. NJ, USA

In the business of providing pragmatic information technology solutions for medium and large sized companies. Synergy also strives to provide companies with software solution services and this has been their forte for the past 14 years. Their mark has been seen in companies all over the world, some of which are in the fortune 500 list. They offer an array of services in this sector ranging from financial to manufacturing to distribution and more. With a highly efficient in-house team that is experienced and well qualified, Synergy is a partner Sankya is proud to be associated with.


Clarion Systems Private Ltd. Kochi, India

Providers of design, development and implementation services for enterprises looking for quality top-notch solutions, Clarion Systems Private Ltd has established a name for itself for being cutting-edge and cost effective in its functioning. Having entered the market in 1998 from Kochi, they have since then made themselves known globally and have an impressive list of clients to talk about. Sankya, through our association with them, have been able to provide high-end solutions to our clients.


iTech-Global, Australia

An ISO/IEC 17025 certified company, iTech-Global has carved a niche for itself in providing quality and dynamic custom database business solutions and independent software testing and certification services for companies since 2004. Widely used by companies all over Australia, ITech-Global is a popular solution provider for any company and a valuable partner to Sankya.