Job Scheduling Software

Job Scheduling Software helps in carrying out repetitive tasks based on event conditions and the calendar as defined in a schedule. It avoids the task of having to look into it on a daily basis as the work is ensured to be carried out. It helps in orchestrating all the functions of a company that sees repetition without wasting unnecessary resources and man power.

Sankya provides companies with a web-based software using Java, Struts & Oracle 9i tools for application in the thermal power sector. This user-friendly solution looks into aspects of functionality thoroughly and avoids disruptions and errors that might otherwise happen with human handling. Some of the basic features handled are:

Creating an Interface to Handle the Work: An interface is created to help define the work flow and job dependencies. This helps in giving a structure to its functionality.

Automated Submission of Tasks and Execution: All tasks and executions that are repetitive in nature and needs periodic execution and submission can be fed into the software and ensured that it is carried out. Chances of delay and overlooking the tasks are thus avoided.

Interfaces to Oversee Executions: The presence of an interface is for the careful monitoring of the tasks. It handles all the executions.

Setting Priorities and Queues to Determine the Order of All Jobs: The order of execution, the time of tasks allotment etc is determined by the software according to requirements and urgency of delivery. Once determined, the execution will be carried out by Sankya’s Job Scheduling Software in the order of listing.

Sankya’s solution is also developed to ensure that it can handle crisis that previous job scheduling software were unable to handle. Some of the problems tackled and looked into by Sankya’s solution are:

Scheduling Done in Real-time Based on Un-predictable External Factors: Sankya’s solution does not just offer an interface that determines the order of work and executes them but is also designed to foresee errors and problems of common occurrence and work around it so that the task at hand isn’t stalled or delayed.

Automatic Recovery and Restart in Case of Function Failure: The solution is also designed to recover and restart automatically in case of stalling or failure in function. This ensures that the work is completed without one having to oversee it for glitches every step of the way.

Alerting and Bringing Notifications to the Operations Department:
Sankya has also looked into the aspects of the solution working in sync with the Operations Department and it alerts the department once tasks are completed or any other news of importance. It also provides the department with all needed notifications and updates.
Keeps a Tab of All Incident Reports: The reports of all tasks, incidents and other work of priority is saved and stored periodically and methodically. Any needed reference to one lone report takes just a few seconds to determine and look up.

Audit Track for Regulatory Compliance Reasons: Audit trails are tracked and maintained for regulatory reasons to ensure that all functions are carried out in a mandatory fashion.

These unique functions of Sankya’s Job Scheduling Software make it an ideal and must-have solution for companies to ensure a smooth internal functioning.