Star Simulator


Aerospace engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the design,  construction, functioning analysis and science of aircraft and spacecraft. With it becoming a  subject of such prime importance as its use and influence is seen in almost all  aspects of life; be it entertainment, medical, communication, security purposes  and much more, the study and development of it has gained vital prominence.  Sankya has identified this need for scrutiny and development and provides  software solutions to deal with the different aspects of the branch. Under this  genre comes the star simulator study.

Star  System Simulator is able to perform 3D simulations of planetary positions using  the methods of Euler-Cromer and Runge-Kutta. The results are displayed to be  seen on a 3D scatter plot and are further designed to be able to be exportable  to a log file.

The  system also allows one to set the masses, orbital eccentricity and separation,  the inclination angle linear to our line of sight and the angle of an orbiting  star pair’s nodes. One is able to chart the views from above the orbit and the  earth view of the system. The observed speed of the two stars and also the  Doppler moved spectral lines are also tabulated and charted.

Simulations are  basically a broad collection of methods that are used to study and understand  the manners and performance of real or theoretical systems. Simulation studies  are carried out not on the real-world system, but on a computer-based model of  the system which is created for the purpose of examining certain system  dynamics and features that are particular to it. The general purpose is to help  one understand the actual working of it through a model based understanding. In  the case of a star simulator, it helps actually study the features of the  subject which is otherwise not a viable as one can’t be actually present  amongst the subject of study.

Besides the study,  simulators also help one to anticipate the real situation and characteristics.  It helps in decision making, technology improvement, design concept and  development and more. It helps one interpret data and make scientific  advancement that would otherwise be impossible. Understanding stellar evolution  or atmospheric conditions becomes eminent when it comes to creating technology  to fit into it. One can foresee errors that may occur and so forth with the  help of star simulators.

With simulators a  decision maker can work out new designs, software programs, layouts and systems  before committing resources to their attainment or execution. One is able to  test beforehand why certain phenomena may occur in the functioning of the  system under consideration. Once this is clearly studied and understood all  variables are taken into account thus saving wastage of resources, man power,  finances and time. Risks are minimized and a smooth flow of functioning is  ensured. Sankya’s work philosophy comes into play by aiming towards a goal of  delivering you with the best solution that is possible.


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