Process Control

Statistical Process Control is also a genre of Process Control which is used for monitoring a process using a control chart. It generally monitors a functional center and the variables around it. By recording data taken from samples at different point in the process, from the variations in the process that could affect the end result, a check is kept to make sure errors are avoided during the process by controlling it and rectifying when needed. The other genre is the Multivariable Process Control. The process control needs well functioning software that can manage each step of it along the way of its functioning. These software and solutions will help manage it, reduce cost and human resources, save time and offer flexibility that could not be offered otherwise. With companies teaming to offer a better product and service than the next, it becomes important to have a solution that can manage the whole enterprise better than what is used by the competition. Sankya strives to provide you with the best there is out there. With Sankya, be assured to leave the competition behind with solutions that not just ensure work functionality, but also manages and optimizes your resources to the best of all possibilities.



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