Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Inventory Control System:

Medical Software

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Inventory Control System: A web based application which encompasses the whole gamut of operations from the order to dispatch in a pharmaceutical company. The application is designed to work in a WAN structure so that the activities like the creation of orders, purchase and sales are done at the headquarters and the rest of the modules are used in the factory. Access control restricts the use of modules. The central database is updated on a real-time basis. Order processing starts from a factory personnel and undergoes three levels of review namely QC, R&D and Production. A  work flow controls this sequence. Subsequently material procurement and indents raising are initiated at the headquarters. This is followed by management and monitoring of materials movements, manufacturing process, quality acceptance,  inventory and dispatch. Platform : ASP/SQL Server/Crystal Reports. Client: A pharmaceutical company in Bangalore.


Medical Facility Configuration & Management:

This is a web based application to handle all the activities of a Medical facility consisting of a group of Physicians / Surgeons. The application being web based enables the facility to be distributed across locations. The application provides facilities for protected access, administration of the Facility,  manage the Physicians requirements and their database, Secretary of a facility, the patients, billing and the insurance companies. Various tasks handled by this application are:

Tasks of the Application Administrator:

(a) Create and maintain a new facility,

(b) Maintain insurance companies database,

(c) Management of billing agency information.

Tasks of the Facility Administrator include

(a) creation of users (of the application) such as secretary, doctor, facility administrator, etc.,

(b) Setting up default calendars of the facility,

(c) Maintenance of insurance company database

(d) Management of physicians and their specialization database

(e) Assignment of various codes for the facility,

(f) view required entities.

Tasks of the Secretary include

(a) Schedule appointments of patients with the physicians,

(b) Maintain operation schedule data

(c) View appointments, patients details, referrals, physicians details and outstanding payments,

(d) Billing details

Maintenance of Physicians database include

(a) Personal information like profile, certifications, referrals, location calendar, insurance related, etc

(b) View patients history, patients progress notes, schedules , plans for approval,

(c) Administration activities like change of password, creation of progress notes and maintenance of calendar with available slots.

Patients database management includes

(a) Registration of personal information including medical history in detail

(b) View information related to Insurance, Billing and medical history.

Software platform : J2EE, EJB , Applets / Servelets, IBM WAS , LDAP and Oracle.