About Us


To always be one step ahead in terms of understanding the demands and requirements of the industry is what sets companies apart from its competition. This is what Sankya believes in and stands by. Actualizing; this is what we do. Sankya Systems & Objects (P) Ltd is a software development company based in the IT hub of India, Bangalore. As a company, we specialize in not just developing software and providing solutions, but customizing the software so that we meet the exact needs of our clients. We have proven our capability in getting to the crux of various requirements and look into all aspects of software solutions; right from designing it, developing it to delivering a wide array for a variety of applications at the highest quality. From Industrial and On-line Applications to Aerospace/Engineering to Business Process Re-engineering, Sankya has the answers to all your necessities. Aside from providing companies with solutions, Sankya also provides on-site manpower & technical support to business firms. Handled by a group of the best professionals with a laudable 25 years of hands-on experience under their belt in software and hardware development for multi-disciplinary applications, Sankya ensures you get the best of products and services.


The three milestones we strive to achieve with every project are cost-reduction, performance improvement & customer satisfaction. This we accomplish through our unparalleled innovations which we see as a trademark of all our products and services. Sankya is a company that functions and works according to the motto ‘solutions that make sense.’



Management Team

The management team of a company is the foundation on which everything else is crafted on. Sankya boasts of a powerful group of core managers who have taken the company to its heights.


P. Padmanabhan

With a commendable 25 years of experience and know-how in developing operational software for multi-disciplinary applications including aerospace, Padmanabhan brings with him a professional insight and expertise to the team. With a post-graduation done in Mathematics, he acts as the foundation to a team that has intricate and dynamic work force and ability.


Babu Kalakrishnan

With a software professional standing of over 25 years in the industry, Babu Kalakrishnan brings in his expertise in the fields of embedded systems, voice/data communications, networking, web-based applications, Java, Client and Server Management and much more. With a degree in Electronics Engineering, he is a valuable asset to the management team.


Babu Kuriakose
An entrepreneur, an owner of a consultancy firm in New Jersey that caters to IT demands of Fortune-500 US firms, a graduate in Electrical Engineering from IIT, an MBA holder from IIM Bangalore; the list of Babu Kuriakose’s  achievements are creditable deeming him a reckoning force in the management team.