Web-based Solutions

Time, cost, efficiency,  productivity; the aspects a company has to take in for its smooth functioning  and success are as diverse as they are complex. Sankya provides simple, easy to  use and cost-efficient web based solutions to help condense the impediments of  organizations and to save time and efficiency for other worthy efforts.



Web based Solutions

Time, cost, efficiency, productivity; the aspects a company has to take in for its smooth functioning and success are as diverse as they are complex. Sankya provides simple, easy to use and cost-efficient web based solutions to reduce the hassles of companies and to save time and efficiency for other worthy efforts.

Live Register Software

This is a web based application in JAVA that can be used for job registration, resume updating, auto-screening and candidate selection. The advantage of it is that it works on different web browsers avoiding the possibilities of unknown functions of a new web browser.


Component Process Sheet Database Systems

This web-based application under Windows on Oracle 9i, MS SQL was developed using VB Script, ASP, COM and Crystal Report. The software is used for application in automobile, aviation and other industries and helps sort, organize and right structure the functions of a company in a professional and efficient way.


Account Consolidation Application

The Account Consolidation Application uses software that helps in organizing the allocation of budgets, periodic capturing of revenue and expenditure data from distributed operation centers. It also looks into aspects of generation and distribution of consolidated and periodic reports to corporate office and operation centers. The efficiency, ease and regularity of the software help in avoiding mistakes that can be made when done manually, which could have serious repercussions.

The basic functioning is done by recording and processing accounting transactions within functional units such as payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable and trial balance. This functions essentially as an accounting information system.




Job Scheduling Software

Job Scheduling Software helps in carrying out repetitive tasks based on event conditions and the calendar as defined in a schedule. It avoids the task of having to look into it on a daily basis as the work is ensured to be carried out. It helps in orchestrating all the functions of a company that sees repetition without wasting unnecessary resources and man power.




Distance Education Software

Distance Education is a phenomenon that is quickly gaining popularity in the world of today. Access in communication is becoming an aspect that is gaining more and more prominence these days in terms of ease and quality. Areas that were considered remote and cut-off have everything made available when it comes to information and news. The whole concept of a ‘Global Village’ is fast becoming a reality.



Remote Customer Assistance Software

Customer care becomes one of the most crucial functions of a company. The days of providing people with just products and not the after care is no longer the functioning system. Every company strives to be a step ahead of its competitor's by providing customers with unparalleled customer service and follow-up care.




Teleconferencing Application

With live multimedia gaining importance and popularity in the world of business, teleconferencing has gained a momentum in recent times like never before. This application is an aggregation of different conferencing which includes audio, video and data sharing amongst multiple participants in a live, real-time session. Information has been made available at fingertips with the punch of a few keys in the last few decades. Similarly communication, information distribution etc too has attained a need to be shared and passed on in real time, thereby avoiding squandering time, traveling cost, and increasing worker availability and minimizing security risks.



Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Inventory Control System:

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Inventory Control System: A web based application which encompasses the whole gamut of operations from the order to dispatch in a pharmaceutical company. The application is designed to work in a WAN structure so that the activities like the creation of orders, purchase and sales are done at the headquarters and the rest of the modules are used in the factory. Access control restricts the use of modules. The central database is updated on a real-time basis. Order processing starts from a factory personnel and undergoes three levels of review namely QC, R&D and Production. A  work flow controls this sequence. Subsequently material procurement and indents raising are initiated at the headquarters. This is followed by management and monitoring of materials movements, manufacturing process, quality acceptance,  inventory and dispatch. Platform : ASP/SQL Server/Crystal Reports. Client: A pharmaceutical company in Bangalore.