IT Services

IT service management is an industry that is gaining monumental  popularity in recent times. With information technology becoming a crucial  aspect of all industries, it becomes vital to be able to manage the solutions  offered by it. Sankya offers solutions in order to manage this aspect for  companies, which are affordable and easy to use.




Software Design

Software design is the process by which problems are solved and executions are planned. After the designers understand the purpose and specifications of the software, the design is formulated and planned out. It also includes the low-level planning to the implementation of the algorithm. The functional genre is called software engineering. It involves user experience when the software is semi-automated. A storyboard is basically arrived at after the functionality of the software is determined. From this, each intricate functioning is designed in-depth to be able to carry out every little function involved with the software. If the software need is to be completely automated with no user or user interface involved in the functioning, it becomes more complex. So the complexity of the software can range from being completely simple like a flowchart to being a dynamic functioning system.




Software Development

Software development is basically the system of working to create or make a software from the established design of functioning. Three specific needs have been identified for the development of software; to meet the requirements of a client, to meet the requirements of some potential users, for personal use.




Software Maintenance

Software maintenance in software engineering is basically the modification of a software product after its delivery, to modify it and correct the errors and failures, in order to improve its performance or other features to be able to be functional in the new environment it is forced to function in. The following features are important in its adaptation into companies: