Pioneering Technology

Bringing in solutions for technology that are on the brink of a revolutionary breakthrough is part of Sankya’s work ethics. We foresee the monumental poise of technology and ensure that companies are handed over the power to maintain and manage them. Not only are the solutions cost-effective, but they are one of its kinds in terms of simplicity and functionality.



Weather Radar Doppler Processing

Weather Doppler Radar Processing

Weather prediction and  estimation is a study that has proven to be very useful for human beings. Be it  a travel plan or launching a space craft, to know in advance the possible turns  the weather could take has become very important. Sankya’s Doppler Weather  Radar Image Processing Software does all this and more. It is an image processing  software to process Doppler weather radar data to estimate and show as  accurately as possible the atmospheric parameters for weather prediction and  rainfall estimation. The results are charted and presented in graphical form that  is familiar to meteorologists. IDL and JAVA are the tools used to develop this  software.

A Doppler  radar is one that makes use of the Doppler effect in order to come  up with velocity information  about objects at a distance. This is carried out by beaming a microwave signal towards a preferred target  and then listening for its reflection. After this an analysis is carried out on  how the frequency of the signal that returns has been changed by the object's  motion. This slight change in figures gives one very precise and direct  measurements of the radial factors of a target's speed  in relation to the radar. Doppler radars are used in aviation, sounding satellites,  weather forecast and much more.