Pioneering Technology

Bringing in solutions for technology that are on the brink of a revolutionary breakthrough is part of Sankya’s work ethics. We foresee the monumental poise of technology and ensure that companies are handed over the power to maintain and manage them. Not only are the solutions cost-effective, but they are one of its kinds in terms of simplicity and functionality.



Embedded Sun Sensor Software

Embedded Sun Sensor Software


Electronics  have gained a place of prime importance over the years. Besides computers,  mankind is dependent on scores of other machines to carry out their jobs,  reduce labor, to travel, to protect etc. As these kinds of machines gain a  stronger and stronger foothold in the market, software to protect and help it  function better also emerges. Embedded software basically plays a very vital  role in a machine’s electronic component making it work fast and effectively.

Sankya  develops critical embedded application  using assembly language, which has many stack-based computer programming  language making it easier to be handled and controlled. The assembler was then  appraised for its performance vis-à-vis its documentation and processor  hardware in order to develop a software for on-orbit space applications.