Pioneering Technology

Bringing in solutions for technology that are on the brink of a revolutionary breakthrough is part of Sankya’s work ethics. We foresee the monumental poise of technology and ensure that companies are handed over the power to maintain and manage them. Not only are the solutions cost-effective, but they are one of its kinds in terms of simplicity and functionality.



Embedded Star Sensor Software

Embedded Star Sensor Software


Sankya’s  Star Based Precision Aviation Software is an embedded software for on-orbit  estimation of satellite direction parameter using data of the star location and  image. It was developed for a 16-bit processor and the application has an  optimized organization of star catalog for low memory and fast access, a  quaternion based parameter structure to avoid trigonometric functions and  singularity points, a geometric tracking method for fast and error free star  identification and simple attitude propagation model. Sankya’s solution is made  such that it is operational on two satellites. Designed for 24x7 operations,  these applications are operational onboard live satellites.

The attitude of a satellite is the orientation with  respect to a definite frame of reference and Sankya uses the stellar bodies to  determine this. The external forces generally compel the attitude dynamics to  change. But Sankya’s software solution uses attitude determination by using  star sensors to ascertain the new and current attitude. By doing so, the  readings are always accurate in spite of shift in position.