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Bringing in solutions for technology that are on the brink of a revolutionary breakthrough is part of Sankya’s work ethics. We foresee the monumental poise of technology and ensure that companies are handed over the power to maintain and manage them. Not only are the solutions cost-effective, but they are one of its kinds in terms of simplicity and functionality.



Com Transponder Test Software

Communication Transponder Test Software

Sankya’s Communication Transponder  Testing Solution is a portable and expandable system with centralized database  and LAN-based access. Configured around PCs operating under MS Windows NT,  friendly GUI, multi-window graphical display and color graphics output  capability for plug-and-play printers, makes it an ideal solution for big  companies in their testing sector.

The communication satellite has  channels which are called transponders. Each acts as a separate receiver or  repeater. Most of the communication satellite acts as microwave radio relay  stations in the orbits they are placed in. Each of these carries a large number  of transponders. They work on a bent pipe theory where it just amplifies the  signal and sends it out instead of receiving a signal and decoding and sending  it in another form. It is designed in such a way that several video and several  audio channels may travel through one single transponder which has a single  wideband carrier. This is called data compression and multiplexing.

The next step is to take into aspect  of having to test these transformers and ensuring that they function in such a  way that the data and signals sent out are in the correct form and that nothing  gets lost. Error occurrences are common with disturbances that can occur during  communication transfer. Sankya’s solution works such that the functioning is error  free and does not utilize too much time, money and man power. At times when transponders  are being used for communication, the need arises for timely testing and  evaluation. Sankya’s solution looks into the following needs during testing,