Engineering & Process Control

Engineering  process control is a discipline of engineering that is of importance. The study  of it in recent time has shown to gain importance. The control system is used  in aircraft, robot manipulation and also chemical plants. The importance of a  software to manage this and make the functioning simple is one aspect Sankya  has mastered. Right from the designing to manufacturing to the execution of the  software is handled by the professionals at Sankya.




Engineering & Process Control

Satellite Communication Transponder Testing Solution

Sankya’s Communication Transponder Testing Solution is a portable and expandable system with centralized database and LAN-based access. Configured around PCs operating under MS Windows NT, friendly GUI, multi-window graphical display and color graphics output capability for plug-and-play printers makes it an ideal solution for big companies in their testing sector.

The communication satellite has channels which are called transponders. Each acts as a separate receiver or repeater. Most of the communication satellite acts as microwave radio relay stations in the orbits they are placed in. Each of these carries a large number of transponders. They work on a bent pipe theory where it just amplifies the signal and sends it out instead of receiving a signal and decoding and sending it in another form. It is designed in such a way that several video and several audio channels may travel through one single transponder which has a single wideband carrier. This is called data compression and multiplexing.




Project Management Solution

Projects are the lifelines of companies and handling them and making sure that all stages of it; the planning, the execution and the management is faultless is an imperative.  But to hand hold all these different aspects especially when chances are that a company will always have multiple projects at hand becomes no mean task and needs crucial attention to details and a well planned out structure.

Sankya’s Project Planning, Execution and Material Management Solution offer an answer to all these aspects. It is a text based database application. The structures plan of action is completely functional and holds no loopholes. The software functions in a methodical and logical way;




Data Acquisition & Process Display

Data acquisition can be generally described as the process of taking into consideration the real world physical conditions and converting the resulting samples into digital numeric values which is then manipulated by computer software and used to determine the functional capabilities of a project. It generally involves the conversion of analog waveforms into specific digital values for processing. The data acquisition systems include the following components


  • Sensoars that can convert physical considerations to electrical signals.
  • Signal conditioning circuitry that converts sensor signals into a structure that can be converted into digital values.
  • Analog-to-digital converters. This can convert habituated sensor signals to digital values.




Component Process Sheet Management

Sankya’s software facilitates component design engineers to generate process sheets to make new mechanical components for an industry. This web-based application functions under Windows on Oracle 9i, MS SQL was developed using VB Script, ASP, COM and Crystal Report, for application in Automobile, Aviation, and other industries that are designed for distributed operation.

Process sheets are basically a set of manufacturing instructions meant for a specific batch, lot or run that sets down rules for operations and settings for the equipment and also for the facilities used. It also gives these requirements for any associated tooling or supplies that are used.

The whole working system of this software is based on the fact that process sheets function by creating correctness in the method by capturing the process and method of functioning in a document. When the ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ are recorded a uniformity in pattern and method arises and the understanding is much deeper and clearer.